A Festival of
New Cinema

.giff festival of new cinema is a new platform dedicated to contemporary practices in film, video and the emerging ways narratives are told. It is a festival animated by the prospect of experiment, innovation, and the trajectory of the field towards radical horizons.

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Inspiring the Local
Artistic Community

The first edition will focus on the ‘short film and video format’, showcasing a series of provocations through installations, virtual reality, live audio-visual experiments, projections and short film programming.


In this manner, .giff hopes to contribute to a reflection on our contemporary image culture, by way of a compelling programme accessible to everyone.

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A Platform for 

New Talents

It will give creators working in film and video a new platform to share their art and be discovered through the festival’s exhibition and competition programs.

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2019 Edition:
Provocations of Form,
New Cinema

Contemporary ways of life dwell on the image. It is everywhere, our lives are overwhelmed by it. In the current moment, cinema is just another way of consuming images, and we are in its grasp. .giff festival of new cinema emerges as a response to this evolving sentiment. It is a provocation: A new cinema is emerging; one that incites its practitioners and audiences, instigating radical ways of seeing and being in the world.

From its initiation in celluloid to the revolution of sound, advent of digital filmmaking and adventures in animation and virtual reality; cinema’s very form, material, and technology nurture innovation. Cinema allows opportunities to render the world anew.

The image moves, morphs, mutates. It is mapped onto and animated, rendered immense and immersive. In a milieu where senses of cinema multiply, what limits persist when cinema’s very form proliferates?

.giff Festival of new cinema harnesses cinema’s inclination to experiment, breaches boundaries, breaks new ground, and pursues prospects for and provocations of the form.

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